• Custom IT Solutions

    Speaking IT Canada has been involved in Custom Software development for more than fifteen years. We have also been delivering training in Applied IT, covering legal, financial, technical and organizational topics as well as in project development.

  • Healthcare Solutions

    Our mission is to effectively set in motion the adequate machinery needed to drive disease surveillance and consumer e-health solutions in Nigeria and the rest of Africa with a view to changing the continent’s dilapidated public-health infrastructure ...more

  • Renewable Energy

    We are committed to improving the quality of life throughout Nigeria and the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa, by engaging in the development of sustainable solar energy solutions to meet the growing power needs of the people, create jobs and drive self-reliance.

  • Energy Management Training

    These courses in renewable energy do offer introductory sessions with information on ways to reduce energy consumption and dispel the myths about Renewable Energy, to hands-on experience with actual field installations and troubleshooting ...more

  • Certificate Courses

    Our clean energy project development certificate courses assist project managers and projects developers to acquire the essential skills required to handle clean energy projects from the conception, financing, deployment and project operation ...more

  • Applied Energy Training

    The applied energy training combines the wind and solar energy training leading to the NABCEP PV Entry Level Certificate. It covers topics like Introduction to Wind Technology, Details on Wind Installation, and Wiring into Grid-tie or Battery Systems ...more